Development of the social dating app coopz

What is coopz?

coopz is a product development from our Innovation Lab. coopz is not a classic dating app, but the first social dating tool that connects people worldwide by matching their interests and locations.

Our milestones

  • 2015: Development of prototypes (MVP)
  • 2016: Continuous Improvement / Development design system / Branding
  • 2017: Start Development Android App
  • 2018: Launch Android App / Start development iOS App
  • 2019: Launch iOS App / Online Marketing
  • 2020: Development coopz 2.0
  • Branche

    Social Networking
  • Client

    coopz GmbH
  • Services

    Product Development / Set-up Startup / Digital Branding / Prototyping & UX Design / Mobile App & Website Development / Motion Design
  • Features

    Radar / Own GPS update algorithm / Optimized battery consumption / Premium features / Share location / Geofencing
  • Project period

    2015 - 2020 / continuously

Modern user interface meets successful UX!

What is an innovative onboarding?

The onboarding process is the first impression of a user and, if well designed, increases the probability of a successful registration. When a user installs coopz for the first time, the onboarding process plays a very important role in the user experience, as information has to be stored that is difficult to obtain later. This could be profile pictures, personal data or locations.

In the upper field of view is the radar, on which all users in the radius are displayed. Below this, the users are divided into 2 groups, once the favorites and the strangers.

On the overview of all favorites, the user can quickly see which user is how far away. It is also possible to invite friends from the telephone book.

All premium functions are displayed in a slider. In the middle the Main Call2Actions with the Premium Packages.

Chat Experience of the new generation!

The most important channel to get in contact with other users is the chat. Here the user can see when other users like photos or interests. As soon as 2 users favor each other, it is a match! The Chat-Interface is clean and modern.

On the profiles, users can do many interactions. So it is possible to favour strangers, give likes on photos and properties.

Under the own profile pictures an answer is shown, which the user has previously assigned to a funny question.

While editing his own profile, the user gets an overview (percentage status bar) of how much information he has already stored.

Here the user can answer 3 questions, which later appear under his profile pictures. Additionally, Interests and Looking for features can be edited.

If the user is in edit mode, the pages are colored blue. The user has the possibility to choose from more than 100 interests to get perfect matches with other users later.

How does coopz present itself in the stores?