Performant e-commerce application for Lorberg

About Lorberg - Tree culture since 1843

The Lorberg tree nursery was founded in 1843 and has developed into one of the leading tree nurseries in Germany and Europe in recent years. Lorberg's plants shape the projects of renowned landscape architects, they grow in public parks, accompany overland roads and design commercial buildings as well as private gardens.

The project

The Lorberg tree nursery approached us in 2018 with a new requirement. A B2B e-commerce web application was to be developed, which should displays the complete plant assortment of Lorberg as an online catalogue. The goal was to develop a high-performance and intuitive product catalogue that would enable garden landscape farmers to order their plants from Lorberg online.

The result

The high-performance single-page application will offer Lorberg's customers an optimal e-commerce experience in the future. Due to the 3-column concept, which displays all essential content from left to right, unnecessary page changes have become unnecessary. Also worth to mention is the UX on smartphones, which allows the user to control all navigation elements with his thumb.

  • Industry

  • Client

    H. Lorberg Baumschulerzeugnisse GmbH & Co. KG
  • Services

    Prototyping & UX Design / Development Progressive Web-App (Backend & Frontend)
  • Features

    3-column product catalogue / search without loading times / fast checkout / connection to inventory management
  • Technologies

    React / TypeScript / Node.js / Express / Loopback
  • Project period

    2018 - 2019

Classic webshop - not at Lorberg!

Who doesn ́t know them, the classic online shops? A recurring page structure with a start page, sliders, content elements, favorites lists, etc. We have questioned all this with the new Lorberg E-Commerce Web-App. Because why flood the user with unnecessary content when there is really only one thing that matters; quick finding of products and performance.

The 3-column concept offers the user an optimal overview of the key functions of a web shop: Product search, product view, shopping cart.

Goodbye loading times! The high-performance React single-page application offers the user a new generation experience: products are loaded directly without the need for a page reload.

In the checkout, the user can create his building projects (projects). For further orders he has later the possibility to put several articles on one project to get a better overview.

The Mobile UX

In the mobile view of the progressive web app, the 3 sections are displayed as individual pages. At the bottom of the screen the bottom navigation is created, which allows the user to navigate through all order processes. The icons in the navigation are designed intuitively and do not require additional wordings.