We Are Experts in all Areas of Configurator Development

Whether sanitary ware, furniture, cars or bathrooms - we develop product configurators in 2D & 3D. Starting with a design sprint up to the finished product.

Product configurators in use - use cases


Web configurator

Our product configurators are optimised for every end device and ensure a uniform brand presence. Performance and quality are the technical challenges, which we exploit to the full using WebGL technology and real-time 3D renderings.

B2B & Sales

There are hardly any more effective tools for sales staff than a 3D configurator that illustrates the diversity of the product range in a high-quality manner. The products are shown in different application scenarios, depending on their orientation.

Fairs & Presentation

Large-scale and attention-grabbing presentations are in demand, especially at locations flooded with stimuli, such as trade fairs. Here, it is important to be technologically up to date in direct comparison to the competition and to shine with quality and a wow effect.


In local retail shops, digital product configurators enable the direct personalisation of products. This individual customisation creates added value for the customer, as it creates a personal bond with the product.

Our configurators offer the following key features


3D visualization

We map the increasingly specific requirements for products with our platform-independent configurators in 2D and 3D. Whether in the web, mobile or installation area, intuitively and easily understandable, we guide users to different ones.

Price calculation

Calculate prices of your products on the fly with any complexity. The real strength of a product configurator is the interaction of visualisation paired with the provision of complex business logic. Use the configurator as a tool for your digitalisation strategy.

ERP & WaWi System

Use your product configurator to connect to the local ERP system, SAP cloud and integrate inventory. There are dozens of benefits to how an intuitive product configurator can help you manage your goods.

Rules & Business Logic

One of the main advantages of a product configurator is the set of rules to be designed, which represents all product-specific properties. With a configurator solution from Ventzke Media, you take the next step towards digitalisation and optimise your business logic at the same time.

Frederik Ventzke

Innovation Architect / CEO

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ERP & SAP-based configuration processes

The quality of each product begins with the drawing

The users of our configurators have the option of switching from the 3D to the 2D view in the frontend and can also continue to configure in this view. The 2D view in the configuration process is based on an SVG and represents a scaled-down version of the product.

In the PDF generated later on-the-fly, the product is then output as a fully-fledged design drawing, with all dimensions for later production.

Coupled with the direct connection to your SAP, CRM or AX system, the result is a fully automated digital process that saves your organisation's employees time and money.

From the idea to the launch. And beyond.

In addition, our configurators can:
  • ➡️ Map product logics in 3D and real time
  • ➡️ Calculate prices in different currencies and for different markets
  • ➡️ Offer management, creation of real-time offers and transfer to external systems (CRM, ERP, SAP, etc.)
  • ➡️ Create 2D construction drawings in real time
  • ➡️ Assigning sales representatives to different postcode areas
  • ➡️ Update product features via CMS
  • ➡️ Manage projects, duplicate and archive configurations
  • ➡️ Role / rights management of office and field staff
  • ➡️ Intuitive error management in the UI
  • ➡️ Perfect onboarding for new users by means of tooltips and modern UI familiarisation track
Preparation of rules and regulations

Over the last few years, we have implemented complex sets of rules for various requirements. In the process, we have also developed self-maintaining sets of rules with which clients can update complex product logics, prices, dependencies, employee role rights, markets, etc. themselves.

Together with our client, we develop a rule flow diagram in workshops at the beginning of the project. Before implementing self-maintaining rules, we always take a holistic look at the cost-benefit framework and make recommendations as to which rules modules can / should remain static. However, care must be taken from the outset to ensure that the set of rules remains flexible and scalable.

What are our development experiences?

We have been designing and developing individual software for product configurations for over 7 years. We have been working on our configurator showcase, the KWC 3D configurator (formerly Franke), for more than 4 years and have invested over 6,000 hours in the project.

What sets us apart:

  • ➡️ Can respond flexibly and agilely to requirements that only arise in the course of a configurator project and were often not foreseeable
  • ➡️ Can quickly put ourselves in the position of complex logic requirements.
  • ➡️ Configurator projects always take a long-term view and plan a product roadmap together with our client that works in the short, medium and long term.
  • ➡️ Develop configurator projects as a holistic software solution that covers many more use cases than just visual 3D configuration.
  • ➡️ Use a modern technology stack that is performant, scalable and state of the art.
  • ➡️ A great team of software developers, UX designers and project managers.
Which UX frameworks & tests do we use?
  • We are experts in the field of UI development and have over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing intuitive interfaces.
  • We question user actions, conduct user research, UX testing and user analysis.
  • We optimize our interfaces individually for digital touchpoints.
  • For web-based applications we use physical devices or virtual test programs (e.g. Browserstack) with which we can perform crossbrowser testing.

➡️ ️Data Analyses / Crossbrowser Testing / Creative Prototyping / Wireframing / User Reserach

➡️ User Story Mapping / User Testings / Design Sprints / UX Design & UI Design

Project management and development methods

We essentially work agilely and mix modern PM methods.

When developing new software, we work agilely according to Scrum and combine it with Kanban (70/30). This allows us to respond flexibly to changes in requirements and thus develop a new product or MVP more quickly. So we combine both methods and additionally consider the workflow of the client.

When further developing a software product that has already been rolled out, we switch to a maintenance mode and work in an agile Kanban environment.

To ensure the source code quality of our configurator software and complex business logics, we rely on automated test procedures. For this purpose, we create a Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) as well as automatic deployments. We develop on 3 independent systems (local, staging, live) with version controls. With this process, we ensure our quality.

Which experts make up our configurator teams?
  • 💻 2-4 x Fullstack Developer
  • 🖌️ 1-2 x UX Designer
  • 💻 1-2 x 3D Architects
  • 💬 1 x Project Manager / QA
  • 💼 1 x Product Owner

Which technologies do we serve?

  • React
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Webpack
  • Node.js
  • Loopback
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • Three.js
  • WebGL
  • Blender
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Jasmine
  • Jenkins

Support concepts

At what times is our support available?

E-mail: Monday to Friday, reply within 60 min.
Ticket system: Monday to Friday, reply within 60 min.
Telephone: Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Communication / project management
We provide a project manager and a product owner for our projects. Both are always informed about the same project status and know essential details to be able to lead the project.
Substitute arrangements
In case of failures in the project team, we can react through various measures. We have internal daily standup meetings where each team member reports on the current status. In addition, we proactively document our software. This ensures that the project can be taken over by another colleague even in case of failures.

What we have done lately

Frederik Ventzke

Innovation Architect / CEO

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