We are UX designers & cognitive scientists.

As UX designers, we put ourselves in the user's perspective. With a data-driven understanding of users, we develop product strategies that must meet the highest usability and design standards.

The 4 pillars of our UX services


Understand & Analyze


What makes the users of your products and services tick? That's exactly what we at Ventzke Media find out! Get valuable consumer insights that we use to design products that are successful on the market. We analyze your target group, their tasks and the usage environment. As UX design consultants, we visit your users on site and find out how they use your product and what they expect from it.

Strategy workshops

User Research

Data Analytics


Define requirements


We create customized user journeys and product strategies, with the concentrated synergy of our digital competencies and a data-driven understanding. To do this, we collect and analyze facts about your users, their tasks and environment. From this, we derive detailed requirements for your UI. These form the basis for a user-centric design and guarantee the subsequent acceptance of your users as well as your products.

User Story Maps

Information architecture

Navigation concepts


Prototyping & UX-Design


We offer you a comprehensive set of methods to design creative ideas for your digital products and services in the shortest possible time. Turn your product and services into a holistic UX experience with us. At Ventzke Media, we design and develop intuitive user interfaces that are as unique and individual as our clients' brands. In doing so, we go beyond the individual user interface and also dedicate ourselves to complete product families as well as service and eco-systems.

Creative Prototyping

Design Sprints

UX & UI Design


Evaluate & Optimize


The optimization of your existing applications and services can be carried out by usability tests as well as expert-based by our experienced UX consultants. We always conduct user tests with real users of your target group - either in the test studio or via remote screen sharing.

UX Testings

Expert Reviews

A/B Testings

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Frederik Ventzke

Innovation Architect / CEO

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