The result of the 18-month project phase is a unique fully responsive website including a plant catalog. The number of templates is 27, the user experience leaves nothing to be desired. Shortly after the launch, the first orders were placed online and we managed to increase the traffic by about 300%.
Digitaler Markenrelaunch für die größte Baumschule Europas
The home page opens with a slideshow, followed by the categories of the plant catalog. It continues with a text about Lorberg's quality, which is unique in Europe. Further down, the user sees the news & events as well as the worldwide references on a map. This is followed by over 170 years of history, which is presented by means of a slider. Each page concludes with Lorberg's 3 locations and the footer sitemap.
Digitaler Markenrelaunch für die größte Baumschule Europas
The highlight at the bottom of the page: The 3 locations of Lorberg are shown on hover as an automated Google Maps screenshot - not as an interactive map. This saves loading time and thus increases the performance of the website.
Digitaler Markenrelaunch für die größte Baumschule Europas
Lorberg's USP is, among other things, its unique quality and service.
Digitaler Markenrelaunch für die größte Baumschule Europas
The location page opens with an image-rich background and presents all the details.

The centerpiece - the plant catalog

The conception and technical development of the plant catalog was the greatest challenge of the project. By connecting via a RESTful API, we retrieve the product data dynamically from Lorberg's merchandise management system.

The plant catalog requirements were:

  • Simple and safe user guidance
  • Multilingualism
  • Easy and understandable processing of the order
  • Automatic inventory management
  • Dynamic templates that can be easily expanded at any time, which allow constantly displaying new properties for the products (videos, FAQ's, different representations of the qualities, etc.)

The filter

The user has the possibility to filter the 40,000 plants by categories, genera, characteristics and prices. The filter is rounded off with an auto-complete search. 100% responsive and an experience even on smartphones.

Der Filter
Die Suchergebnisse

The search results

On the left side of the screen, you still have the option to filter. On the right, the plants appear in a list view. The special feature of this page is that the user already has the option here to put plants on his watch list without having to enter the product detail page.

At the destination - the product page

There is a lot to discover on the product view: it starts with the pictures and continues with the quality selection of the plants, all dynamically generated from Lorberg's merchandise management system. In the upper field of vision of the user are placed the recommendations of Lorberg and a large Call2Action to add to the watch list.

This is followed by the integration of a YouTube video and the FAQ database, categorized by type of plant. By scrolling down, the box with the price moves from the top right to the bottom left and is thus always present in the user's field of vision.

Am Ziel - die Produktseite


On the watch list, the user sees all the products that he has previously saved. Here, too, great importance was attached to simple user guidance (user experience). The customer can decide whether he wants to register or request the plants directly as a guest.

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