The high-performance single-page application offers Lorberg's customers an optimal e-commerce experience. The 3-column concept eliminates the need for unnecessary page switching. Also worth mentioning is the UX on smartphones, which allows the user to control all navigation elements with his thumb.

Classic webshop - not with Lorberg!

Who doesn't know them, the classic online stores? A recurring page structure with a home page, sliders, content elements, favorites lists, etc. We have questioned all of this with the new Lorberg e-commerce web app. After all, why flood the user with superfluous content when it's really only about one thing: finding products quickly and performance.

The 3-column concept offers the user an optimal overview of the core functions of a web store: Product search, product view, shopping cart.

Goodbye loading times! The high-performance React single-page application offers users a new generation of experience: products are loaded directly without the need for a page reload.

In the checkout, the user can create his construction projects. In case of further orders, he later has the possibility to put several items on one project to get a better overview.

The mobile UX

In the mobile view of the progressive web app, the 3 columns are displayed as individual pages. At the bottom of the screen, the bottom navigation is created, with which the user has the possibility to navigate through all order processes. The icons in the navigation are intuitively designed and do not require any additional wordings.

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