React development through high-performing Scrum teams

E-commerce apps, software or product configurators. We solve complex challenges with React, TypeScript, Node.js and the extended JavaScript ecosystem.

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Excellent that you found us as React developers. Our high-performing Scrum teams (2-5 professionals) are seamlessly integrated into your team after a quick OnBoarding and can start working immediately. Sounds interesting?

Depending on the designed solution, we use the appropriate technology. Our React developers are full-stack specialists for e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, web applications and mobile apps.

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Our react services


Analysis & Planning

Do you need support to better integrate business processes into corporate IT? We analyze your current IT application architecture to make it up-to-date. With our many years of project experience, we define current technology stacks for you.

Agile approach

React.js projects are often complex and require structured project management. We use agile methods, as this makes it easier to react to short-term changes and adapt the project planning.

UI development

The implementation of modern operating concepts and visually outstanding user interfaces is our core business. We implement your entire UI in current software technologies and frameworks. In doing so, we take into account aspects such as localization and responsive design.


We develop interactive, product-oriented prototypes that allow all intended interactions and input options to be evaluated at an early stage of development, with little effort. We analyze the technical feasibility by implementing the aspects to be tested prototypically.

React template development

In template development, we put a lot of emphasis on a modern UI, optimal usability as well as optimal performance through optimized loading times. By using different templates for the respective content delivery, your frontend thus gets a unique touch.

React Consulting

We are pleased to advise you on the design of modern architectures for your application and on the connection of the UI to the application logic. In addition, we support you in selecting the appropriate technology and implementation strategy for your planned software solution.

Maintenance & Team Integration

After the launch of your React web application, our in-house team is also available for long-term maintenance of the application. We take care of regular updates, e.g. of React, TypeScript dependencies and packages. In addition, we offer to integrate our team into your IT. This allows you to reduce costs, expand existing projects and bring new products to market faster.

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We are small but mighty

Ventzke Media is a Berlin-based software company specializing in React, React Native, TypeScript, Node.js and the broader JavaScript ecosystem. Since 2008, our agile team has worked with mid-sized companies, startups to global brands to build high-quality software and support development teams.
About us - We are small but mighty.
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We support you with React capacities at short notice to compensate bottlenecks of your resources. Our React developers are seamlessly integrated into your team after a quick onboarding and can start working immediately. Sounds interesting?

+49 (30) 505 671 67

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00