In 2018, the startup drolo commissioned us with the conception and development of a mobile photo voting app. In a design sprint, conceptual ideas, the first UX and a first prototype were developed. With drolo, you get feedback on your photos within 30 seconds without having to rely on many followers.
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX
Schnelles Onboarding - moderne UX

Fast onboarding - modern UX

The onboarding process at drolo is divided into two sections. First, the user is presented with all the main advantages of the drolo app in the intro (slider), and in the second step, the user is taken to registration. In the registration process, a distinction is made between private and business accounts.

Tooltips to get to know the UI

When entering drolo for the first time, the user is "guided" through the app by tooltips. This is a fun way to get to know all the functions and the user interface. The tooltips can be activated or deactivated at any time in the settings.

Modern user interface meets a successful UX!

What is your score?

The so-called drolo score is displayed on the user's public profile. The score of each user is composed of the community results of their own image uploads. If a user has received mostly positive feedback from the community for his pictures, his score is relatively high.

In addition, the ranking and other facts about the user are displayed. All previous uploads and their results can be viewed in the timeline.

Wie hoch ist dein Score?
Auf welchem Platz stehst du?

What is your position?

Every week there is something to win at drolo! Based on the weekly rankings, the respective top users are awarded and they receive various prizes such as vouchers.

With the scoring and ranking concept we have managed to build an active community for drolo. Many users enjoy competing with other users on a points basis in a ranking.

Are you curious?

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