Apply online in just three steps: Finding new employees is a top priority for SFBC, which is why we have placed a special focus on the concept of the online application form. In just three simple steps, the user can fill out the form and submit it without any cumbersome procedures.

The concept of the homepage

Dynamic introduction

Before the home page opens, the EBK Group website begins with an intro. The EBK logo is initially rigid, centered on a white background. Only by clicking or scrolling with the mouse does movement come into play. The logo starts to rotate and enlarges until the entire screen size is reached. After that, the user is taken to the actual home page. With the help of cookies, this process only takes place the first time the user visits the page. When the user visits the site again, the home page opens directly.

From the intro to the homepage

The home page is divided into four sections, each of which spans the entire screen. In the first three sections, there is a full-screen, meaningful image in the background. On top of this is a section heading and a call-to-action button that takes the user to the teased subpage. These two elements fade in from the left side when the user scrolls to the section.

Anything but a classic navigation

Away from the usual structure! The menu is accessible via a button, in the form of the logo. Also the content of the navigation is by no means classically structured. It was particularly important to the EBK Group not to display hierarchies, but to reflect the company's distinctive network concept. The menu items are displayed as circles, partly with an image and blue overlay in the background, and are connected by further small dots. When the user moves the mouse over a menu item, it behaves "magnetically" to the cursor. Clicking on a menu item opens a subnetwork with further dots. If the user selects a sub-item, the circle enlarges until it takes up the full screen size.


In the backend the admin controls the positions of the navigation points via x- and y-coordinates, additionally he can define which points should be connected to each other. This ensures a high degree of flexibility.

Dynamic page switch

What is special about the structure of the subpages is the split-screen concept. Here on the left side is a slideshow with images, which is activated by scrolling down with the mouse. On the right side is the matching content.

On the top right of the page two arrows are implemented to navigate to the other submenu items. Hovering over an arrow retracts the wording. If the user clicks on the menu item, the image and text slide in the opposite direction.

Apply online in only three steps

The search for new employees is a top priority for the EBK, which is why we have placed a special focus on the concept of the online application form. The offer ranges from open positions for student internships - to apprenticeships - to permanent positions.

Via a tab system, which remains fixed at the top of the browser when scrolling down, the user can decide on a desired preference. In the "Open positions" tab, all job offers are displayed in an accordion. By clicking the "Apply online" button, the user opens the application form, which fades in from above by means of a dynamic layer. In just three simple steps, he or she can fill out the form and submit it without any cumbersome procedures.


In the mobile resolution, the system switches to classic navigation.

Dynamischer Slider

Dynamic slider

The user navigates through the slider using arrows.

Online bewerben

Apply online

The application forms on the jobs page are adapted for mobile resolutions.

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