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We are experts in all areas of modern frontend development with Angular or React. Our frontend consultants develop agile and collaborative.

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Our frontend stack

Depending on the designed solution, we use the appropriate frontend technology. Our developers are full-stack specialists for e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, web applications and mobile apps. With agile methods, the customer always has an overview and control of the project.


Frontend development request?

Excellent that you found us as a Frontend agency. Our senior Frontend consultants can quickly take over existing projects or support your development team.

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Frontend projects

Our frontend services



The implementation of modern operating concepts and visually outstanding user interfaces is our core business. We implement your entire UI in current software technologies and frameworks. In doing so, we take aspects such as localization and responsive design into account.



The technical implementation of the frontend is basically implemented in conformity with the standards of W3C defined in the project, apart from older browser compatibility. Validity and a minimum of warnings are guaranteed. In addition, we check the developed application for speed, compression of images and script files with Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.


Pattern library

Many aspects of a product can be documented in a pattern library and made centrally available to product managers, UX designers, developers and all other parties involved. Correctly used, a pattern library has numerous advantages.



We develop interactive, product-near prototypes, which allow to evaluate all intended interactions and input possibilities already in an early development phase, with little effort. We analyse the technical feasibility by prototypically implementing the aspects to be tested.


Template engines

During template development we attach great importance to a modern UI, optimal usability as well as optimal performance through optimized loading times. By using different templates for the respective content delivery, your frontend becomes unique.


Web apps & PWAs

Web applications and progressive web apps are an important part of the digital transformation and have become increasingly popular. Whether as a decoupled frontend of headless content management systems or as a platform and device-independent alternative to native apps and software - web applications are versatile.


Deployment & Testing

At Ventzke Media we rely on automated processes that make it possible to guarantee consistent quality with increased productivity and higher development speed. These periodic conducted tests are called regression tests.



We at Ventzke Media analyse all the decisive factors of your internet presence so that search engines assign your pages a correspondingly high ranking. The traffic is controlled in a demand-oriented way, by using an optimal UX.


3D visualizations

We map the increasingly specific requirements for products with our platform-independent configurators in 2D or 3D. Whether in the web, mobile or installation area we introduce users intuitive and easy to various options and help them to find the individually suitable combination.


Maintenance & Team integration

As frontend consultants Ventzke Media offers more than just an addition to your team. Our software developers and UX designers work with your team to offer project management combined with technical expertise. We are not just an additional group of people, we also help you to steer your strategy, define best method to ensure a maintainable and sustainable product and help your frontend team to improve.

About us

We are a well-established team of UX experts, software developers and project managers with a focus on digital media. Since 2008 we have been designing and developing digital solutions for medium-sized companies and international clients. We operate independently and develop our own products. For startups we act as lead agency and take over the complete product development.

  • 1 Headquarter in Berlin
  • 10+ Senior team of UX & software experts
  • 95% Client satisfaction
  • 300+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 5000+ Working hours in long term projects
Frederik Ventzke
CEO & Founder

Frontend specialists wanted?

We create modern React and Angular frontends for e-commerce portals, corporate websites and web apps. High performance, SEO friendly and with the latest technologies.

+49 (30) 505 671 67

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00